Swami Govindashram Postgraduate College, Pairapur, Mirzapur is Affiliated with Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidhyapeeth, Varanasi

About Us

The College

S G Postgraduate College is a self-financed college, running sing 2007.

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Managerial's Desk

We have built this website to exchange information and establish an easy communication between students and parents with us.

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Mission & Vision

The educational institution is the only place where we determine the future of a country.

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Our Missions

Since very first day, the college is executing its B.A. faculty with various curriculums like Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Political Sciences, Sociology, Geography, Ancient history, Education, and Home Science under government recognition. With the time we also started our Postgraduate curriculums in Home Science (to promote the vocational approach for girls) and Sociology. To serve our professional curriculums we have started of B.Ed. faculty and Nursery Teacher's Training (N.T.T.) too. Our mission is to equip this college by more curriculums in future.

Our Vision

The most important purpose of education is to make a man full of rational knowledge because irrational is futile. Due to individual and collective void consciousness, the country is facing such turmoil. So it is very important to provide the quality education. By the impact of western education and globalization, the values of education have been changed therefore the traditional approaches of education is also important to preserve the country's pride. According to the Rig Veda;

अहमेव स्वयं इदं वदामि, जुष्टम् देवेभिर उत मानुषेभिः।
Ahamēva svayaṁ idaṁ vadāmi, juṣṭam dēvēbhira uta mānuṣēbhiḥ.
यं कामये त तम् उग्रं कृणोमि़, तं ब्राम्हण तम् ऋषितं सुमेधाम्।
Yaṁ kāmayē ta tam ugraṁ kr̥ṇōmi, taṁ brāmhaṇa tam r̥ṣitaṁ sumēdhām.

[Translation] Guru is saying that whoever is in my company, I will make him saint, knowledgeable and talented.

The educational institution is the only place where we determine the future of a country. The student should be not only intellectually, competent and technically skilled but also civilized in their emotions and refined in their purposes only then they will have liberal outlook and understanding.

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